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For your daily dosage of Khunster \o/

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Khun a day, everyday~
T H E   H I D D E N   C A R D
닉쿤 &! }

Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Nickname: Khunnie Boy, Khunnio Boo, 쿤땡
Position: Singer, model, actor
Birth Date: June 24,1988
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70 kg
Label: Jyp Entertainment
Education: Los Osos High School (USA)
Blood Type: O
Group: 2PM
Hobbies: Piano, Working Out, Taking Pictures, Listening to Music, Watching Movies
Debut Album: Hottest Time of the Day
Debut: 10 Points out of 10 Points [080904 엠카운트다운]
Specialty: Piano, Acrobatic
Ideal Woman: A Kind, Cute, Good Person
Religion: Buddhist
Favorite Food: Nothing
Discography: 2PM First Single: Hottest Time of the Day. Digital Single: Only You (Winter Special). Mini Album: 2:00PM Time For Change. Album: 1:59.
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official 2PM website: here
a-day idea: theresa-lynne